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Cloud spiral in the sky. An Iridescent (Rainbow) Cloud in Himalaya. The phenomenon was observed early am 18 Oct 2009

why doesn’t this have thousands and thousands of notes, seriously?!

Holy fuuuuuuuuu

wow, that is AMAZING

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Reblog if no one has a crush on you.

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I couldn’t see the photo as I took it, so this actually came out more quality than I thought it’d be. This was from a song that I had been trying to write.
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yay sand sculptures in praia da luz, Portugal :D
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Idk how to caption this but yeah this is Lisbon
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there was this tropical garden in Lisbon and it’s definitly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to!
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not sure why but I kinda like this, shirt is from here :) 
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isn’t it beautiful? :)
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